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Let's get {Spirit} engaged?!?

It’s time to take our relationship to the next level

Well hello there 👋

We’ve been connected for some time now, so correct me if I’m wrong but I feel like we’re already past the awkward stage in the beginning of a relationship. I’ve thrown a lot of information your way - do you have any questions? Let your hair down and go ahead and ask me anything! 😉

Have you explored any of my bonus content yet? It’s truly a great way to deepen your understanding of your extraordinary experiences and begin the long journey to uncovering your Divine Self.

If you have explored some of this content, I have another suggestion. Now, you might think I’m being a bit forward, but…I’d like to propose an engagement! (😲 Whaaaat?!) Ok, I'm being a little cheeky, so do let me clarify. I’m not talking about a ring and a bent knee! I’m just talking about a little rendezvous with my self-study course, Spirit Marriage 101 (ok, so maybe more like going steady than an engagement!😉). This course is first-of-its-kind, and rooted in embodied practice. It’s truly a transformative psycho-spiritual experience.

Now, before I break it down for you and have you see just how amazing it really is, I want you to know that this incredibly robust, self-guided course is normally $300, but I’m giving it to you for only $200! Simply use code SPIRITENGAGED at checkout here!

Check out all the amazing things you’ll be investing in:

Who is it for?

This course is for anyone who is experiencing exceptional spiritual phenomena (or wants to) and needs a grounded and expert perspective on how to navigate and translate such an experience safely and sanely. It's designed for all types of learning styles, and you'll be able to connect to a private community of other spirit marriage practitioners.

What is it?

This course is an introduction to the cross-cultural, transpersonal practice of spirit marriage. In it I demystify and elucidate upon a little-known, yet powerful, global spiritual practice. Through both scholarly research, personal stories, and embodied practice, we will explore the practice, relevance, and purpose of the union between a human and an Extraordinary Being. Rooted in feminist, queer, and indigenous research methodologies, this course opens new avenues of study and research in the fields of Transpersonal Psychology and Earth-based Spiritualities.

When does it start?

This is a self-directed, go-at-your-own pace program, to which you will have unlimited access. There are 6 modules--you can choose to do 1 module per week and finish in 6 weeks, or if you’re currently working full-time you might find it more manageable to do 1 module every 2 weeks and finish in 12 weeks. The choice and speed is yours!

Why is this course important?

This course will not only allow you to explore and build a strong foundation with an otherworldly being, but you’ll cultivate a sense of agency, sovereignty and personal transformation through your Spirit communications. You’ll discern the desired contact from the undesired one, devote yourself to a depthful Spirit relationship, and discipline your magical body. More importantly, you’ll learn a practice called Entheosis that further awakens the Divine Self along with tools and exercises to deepen these types of relationships. You’ll leave feeling empowered, assured, and confident that you can navigate these realms safely and sanely.