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Updated: May 22

Howdy friends!


Did you know I provide a wealth of free knowledge and bonus content for you to explore on my website?


On the Media tab of my website, I have hours upon hours of video content, interviews, and presentations for you to deepen your knowledge of spirit marriage and the paranormal.


Sit & Sips: Each quarter, I'll be hosting new Sit & Sip sessions--Spring Enchantment, Summer Enchantment, Autumnal Enchantment, and Winter Enchantment. These segments take an in-depth look at various topics (sometimes interviewing guest experts!) such as The Divine Self, Conscious Evolution and Co-Creation, Ceremonial Magick, and more. Every video in this series takes your understanding to a new level, and they will always remain available for you on my YouTube page. So grab your favorite beverage, get cozy, and dive right in!


Here’s a link to my YouTube channel - make sure you subscribe for new updates!


Exclusive Interviews & Presentations: Take your quest for understanding to a deeper level with access to these exclusive sessions, including a presentation for Harvard Divinity School’s Ecological Spiritualities Conference from 2022, a discussion on Spectrosexuality on NPR, an interview on Spirit Marriage with Regina Meredith for Gaia TV, and so much more more!


If you’d like to take your gifts and experiences a step further, I have an on-going group program that will help you put lessons, research, and knowledge into practical use in your everyday life and extraordinary relationships. We meet twice per month: once as a full class to help you refine your knowledge and deepen your personal practice, and once as a group coaching session where you can ask questions, receive spotlight coaching, learn further practices and get group support. 

Think of it as a way to see and be seen, share your stories, and support each other in this sometimes confusing, and always pioneering practice! When you join, you’ll also have access to all of the recordings of previously held classes--over a year's worth of content! 

Learn more about and register for the group program here.

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