The sign that reads,

"Here There Be Monsters"

to me is an invitation to cuddle up and get intimate
with the aspects of Earth consciousness that need
to be integrated in ourselves & back into our collective.

About Dr. Megan Rose

As a full-tilt HSP and erotic mystic myself, my spirituality has always been intertwined with my sexuality. I know what it's like to have spontaneous consciousness-raising erotic experiences with humans (and with spirits!) and to long for a place and people to share them with.

I'm also a Visionary Heretic. Which means I'm really conscious about how what we choose to believe in shapes who we are and the world we create. And, yep, I'm a Badass Nerd as well. You don't grow up in the SF Bay Area without developing some hard-core nerd skills! Mine manifest as a deep understanding of psycho-spiritual systems, academic prowess, and a penchant for supernatural scifi, flamboyant costuming, and outrageous theater.

That’s why I have dedicated the last 20 years of my life to researching and practicing erotic mysticism and spirit communication.

I now help other Erotic Mystics, Visionary Heretics, and Badass Nerds like myself cultivate safe, sane and secure relationships with the spirits (ok, and sometimes with humans too) so they can more fully express their own sexy, weird Self!

My Story

I was a highly sensitive child, deeply attuned to nature and to the spirit world. Because I was raised Pentecostal Christian I channeled this sensitivity into church, I was the poster-child for a good Christian girl. I grew up speaking in tongues, laying healing hands on people, and being filled with the Holy Spirit--all practices that are intrinsic to shamanic and Pagan spirituality.

What my parents and my church didn’t know was that being filled with the Holy Spirit and other charismatic practices of Pentecostalism were actually highly erotic for me. It woke me up to a deep longing for intimate spiritual union. For years I would search for a perfect soul mate who I believed would fully meet this deep longing.

Instead, I chose wrong relationship after wrong relationship, until I found myself in a couple of life-threatening situations with two different abusive partners. I was deeply longing for a sacred sexual partnership, but clearly I had no idea how to go about finding one. And it seemed like I couldn't trust myself to pick suitable partners. How had my deep longing for sacred sexuality led me into the mire of cyclic abuse?

So I put myself through a rigorous psycho-spiritual and somatic healing regime. I did some deep soul work to unravel the abuse patterns, lift some family curses, and ultimately find my calling as a depth worker. That's when the spirits really started ringing my doorbell. They began to show me that a sacred sexual relationship wasn't necessarily about being with a human partner.

I realized that the Underworld God and Goddess, the primordial deities, are the beings who had been laying claim to me all along. But the Underworld wasn't how I'd been raised to imagine it. It isn't a place of evil, but a source of fecund, rich potency. It's where our Weird Self lives. So those abusive relationships were me being drawn to this potent, chthonic energy in people, but in an unconscious way. I realized that I had to learn to make room for this juicy, sexual energy in myself through the cultivation of my body-mind-spirit-emotions, allowing the Shakti to flow through me. Once I took this on as my way of being in the world--eco-sexual, burlesque performer, erotic mystic and priestess of sacred sexuality--I was able to step into co-creative, intimate relationship with these Underworld forces and it took the pressure off my human-mundane relationships. I started making better choices because I was fueled and guided by my spirit allies.

Now I know how to see in the dark, through the dark, and to not be afraid of the dark. I have traversed the Underworld many times and have a solid map for going in and out. I know how to fall in love with deity, with nature, and, most importantly, with that weird, extraordinary aspect of myself and others. I have also found the deep, lasting intimacy of my spirit beloveds, and no longer seek that solely in a human person. Consequently, I have been able to enjoy many co-creative relationships with human beloveds as well!




Holistic Healing


My Credentials

  • I am a Transformational Psychologist with a Ph.D. in Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies and a M.A. in Religion from the Graduate Theological Union. My focus is on erotic, occult, and ecological spirituality.

  • I am an initiated Ceremonial Magician, Shakta Tantric, and a Faery Seership practitioner (read: Witch).

  • I am a Holistic Healing practitioner with over 20 different certifications in various hands on healing modalities from Yoga to Shiatsu to Chi Nei Tsang to Cranio-sacral therapy, including thousands of practice hours seeing 1:1 clients over the years. I am also a clinically certified Hypnotherapist and a certified Life Coach.

  • I am an Eco-spiritual Priestess and ordained minister through Seven Sisters Mystery School.

  • I am the co-founder and Executive Director of the Entheosis Institute, a non-profit devoted to helping folks step into their Extraordinary Self through art, education, eco-spirituality and beloved community.

  • I am a Pagan scholar and have presented at a variety of academic and esoteric conferences like the Supernatural Studies Association, the Association for the Study of Women in Mythology and Pantheacon.


See my full Academic profile

Julia O. Test

Fun Weird Facts


  • When someone calls me "weird," I’ve always considered it a compliment.

  • I think many "spiritual" people take themselves way too seriously. I make sure to include a healthy dose of dick and fart humor in my life...or at least cheesy lounge music from the 70s.

  • I play the flute...poorly. However, that didn't stop me from performing for four years in the Punk Rock Orchestra. Which was really just an excuse to dress up in Punk Rock drag and flip people off.

  • I also sang in the PRO. I performed Orgasm Addict by the Buzzcocks while wearing a pink beehive wig and a black patent-leather ball gown. They called me the “belle of the Punk Rock ball!”

  • I’ve always had a burning desire to take my clothes off onstage. So when I turned 39 I decided it was high time I become a burlesque performer. My favorite act was when I was Princess Leia and I had my partner dress up as Chewbacca and chase me around the stage ripping my clothes off to the Cantina music. Yes, I have it on video.

  • I think the X-Men are a real phenomenon. The human species is slowly mutating to achieve greater levels of physical, mental, and extra-sensory abilities. Personally, I think I may have olfactory super powers, aka: super-smelliance...maybe I should have been a sommelier or perfumer?

Let's get weird together!


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"Megan gave me the support I needed to begin walking my own path. I had a lot of fear around trusting my new vision for my life. And also how changing my path would effect my relationships, especially with my husband. When I would go to see Megan, she helped me work through all the reasons in my head that told me, "You can't do this". At first I just knew that there was something wrong and its only now that I look back, that I realize I was paralyzed with fear. Megan helped me to release my fears so that now I'm not held back instead I'm walking fearlessly forward. I expected to receive beautiful energy healing, but I didn't expect Megan's unique way of holding my hand and walking with me around the obstacles on my path, helping me to get beyond them. Now, I'm excited about exploring my new found freedom, wherever that may take me, hand in hand with my husband. Thank you, Megan."


"Megan is a profoundly creative, insightful, intuitive healer. I found myself easily induced into a trance state, in which I was able to access my own inner wisdom and guidance. The gift of contacting my guides was priceless, and it was so effortless with Megan's skilled facilitation. I was able to clear blocks within myself, and with others in my life, making way for new growth and personal fulfillment, helping to move through both physical and energy blockages. I would highly recommend Megan's work to anyone interested in an integrative mind-body-spirit approach to whole person healing."


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