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Thank you for being a part of my community!

Hello friend!

Thank you so much for popping in to my enchanting, sexy, and spiritually-charged corner of the internet. I’m so happy to have you here and I look forward to supporting you on your journey of psycho-spiritual discovery and beyond!


As you know, my name is Dr. Megan Rose, and if I had to pick 3 words to describe myself they would be: Eccentric, Embodied, and Smart. I have dedicated 20+ years of my life to researching and practicing erotic mysticism and spirit communication. I have a lengthy list of credentials that you can explore here, but I would rather take this opportunity for you to share what  makes me “me” .

My true passion in life is supporting highly sensitive people (HSP) in validating, grounding, and cultivating their extraordinary gifts and experiences. How amazing is it that thanks to people like you, I get to live my passion each and every day?! 


I am a Visionary Heretic, full-tilt HSP, and Erotic Mystic. Since I was a little girl, my spirituality has always been intertwined with my sexuality. I longed for the perfect person to share in an intimate spiritual union, but for a long time that deep-rooted desire sent me searching in all the wrong places. So I put myself through an intense psycho-spiritual and somatic healing regime and that is when I discovered my true calling: being a depth worker.


And now here I am, working with incredible people like YOU--Erotic Mystics, Visionary Heretics, and HSPs--to create safe, sane and secure relationships with spirits (...and maybe some humans too), so you can feel empowered to express your sexy, weird Self!


A few fun facts about me:

  • I don’t take myself seriously at all (hope you’re okay with some bawdy humor). 

  • I found incredible passion in being a Burlesque performer.

  • I was often called the “Belle of the Punk Rock Ball” because I wore a patent-leather ball gown and performed Orgasm Addict by the Buzzcocks with the Punk Rock Orchestra. One of my tantra teachers even dubbed me the "Punk Rock Yogini!"

  • I’ve been to Burning Man multiple times, but my favorite memory was co-leading a troupe of clowns and circus performers who performed for Carnival of Mirrors at the base of The Man. 


I hope you know that you can reach out at any time with any questions or concerns. I am so happy to connect with you here in my first of what I hope will be many blog posts to come. 

Looking forward to continuing our journey together.

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