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Eros god of love and Psyche

Spirit Marriage 101

Build a Strong Foundation with an Otherworldly Being
with Dr. Megan Rose
A Self- Study Course

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This course is for anyone who is experiencing exceptional spiritual phenomena and needs a grounded & expert perspective on how to navigate & translate such experience.

Everyone has a spirit that they can foster a relationship with, even if it begins with your Divine Self!

Marc Chagall painting of Lovers


A study into the cross-cultural, transpersonal practice of spirit marriage, this course demystifies and elucidates a little-known, yet powerful, global spiritual practice.

Through both scholarly research and embodied practice, this course demonstrates the practice, relevance, and purpose of the union between a human and an Extraordinary Being.


Rooted in feminist, queer, and indigenous research methodologies, This course opens new avenues of study and research in the fields of Transpersonal Psychology and Earth-based Spiritualities.

Through the lens of Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experience and Parapsychology, a tapestry of emergent consciousness and transformational spirituality takes shape helping us understand just how important being weird actually is for human evolution.

Orion Foxwood the Faery Seer
Cosmic body awakening

You'll Learn How To...

  • Deepen with an existing Spirit contact or how to reach to a new one 

  • Cultivate a sense of agency, sovereignty and personal transformation through your Spirit communications

  • Discern the desired contact from the undesired one

  • Devote yourself to a depthful Spirit relationship

  • Discipline your magical body

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