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Spirit Marriage 101

Build a Strong Foundation with an Otherworldly Being
with Dr. Megan Rose
A Self- Study Course

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This course is for anyone who is experiencing exceptional spiritual phenomena and needs a grounded & expert perspective on how to navigate & translate such experience.

Everyone has a spirit that they can foster a relationship with, even if it begins with your Divine Self!


A study into the cross-cultural, transpersonal practice of spirit marriage, this course demystifies and elucidates a little-known, yet powerful, global spiritual practice.

Through both scholarly research and embodied practice, this course demonstrates the practice, relevance, and purpose of the union between a human and an Extraordinary Being.


Rooted in feminist, queer, and indigenous research methodologies, This course opens new avenues of study and research in the fields of Transpersonal Psychology and Earth-based Spiritualities.

Through the lens of Non-Ordinary Transcendent Experience and Parapsychology, a tapestry of emergent consciousness and transformational spirituality takes shape helping us understand just how important being weird actually is for human evolution.


You'll Learn How To...

  • Deepen with an existing Spirit contact or how to reach to a new one 

  • Cultivate a sense of agency, sovereignty and personal transformation through your Spirit communications

  • Discern the desired contact from the undesired one

  • Devote yourself to a depthful Spirit relationship

  • Discipline your magical body

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