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Take a Midwinter's Respite

Updated: May 21

Find a way to bring enchantment into your life every day

Plan time for connection

Photo by Valentin Salja on Unsplash

As a psychologist-magician (or psyche-magician as I like to call it) a question I often hear is, “How can I balance my magical practice with the demands of mundane daily life?” Or, “How do I balance having heightened awareness of the world’s subtle realms with the fact that I have to, like, pay bills and buy groceries?”

The reply I usually give is that we have to develop the skill of walking with a foot in both worlds, just not necessarily at the same time! Just like we have to plan to accomplish our daily tasks, or to see friends, or to enjoy fun activities, it's a good idea to plan time weekly, ideally daily, for our spiritual self...

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