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Entheosis: Cross-Cultural Spiritual Technologies for Awakening the Divine Within

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A deep dive class with Dr. Megan Rose

Entheosis, the art of awakening our divine self, is a subject that Dr. Rose spent over a decade studying as part of her dissertation research. She defines divine not as a transcendent state of being that demonstrates the three big Oms, omnipotence, omniscience or omnipresence, but instead as the fully-realized potential of an individual or group that has devoted itself to the greater good--a just and equitable world that works for everyone. She holds that the realization of the divine self, or the entheotic state, is not an exceptional experience reserved only for a rarefied few, but the intended birthright of all people on this planet at this time. In this talk Dr. Rose discusses both her scholarly and personal research into this topic and looks cross-culturally at a few traditions that practice entheosis as a way of transforming the psycho-spiritual self into expanded and extraordinary states of consciousness. 

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