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Megan dressed as a Yakshini with a snake

Normalizing the Paranormal

Supporting Highly Sensitive People in validating, grounding, and cultivating their extraordinary gifts and experiences.

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Erotic Mystics. Visionary Heretics. Badass Nerds.

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Megan at a river

Howdy, I'm Dr. Megan Rose

I'm a Transformational Psychologist, Eco-spiritual Priestess and Erotic Mystic. Basically, I'm a hothouse flower weirdo.

I'm on a mission to NORMALIZE THE PARANORMAL by helping the human species step into deeper relationship with all the other extraordinary beings of Earth -- physical and Otherworldly.

I love helping you, the Highly Sensitive Person:

  • Find deep and meaningful connection to Self and Source

  • Create powerful, lasting intimate relationships (especially with Otherworldly beings)

  • Fully express your freaky-deaky nature

  • Embody your Extraordinary Self!


(def) heretical: able to choose

The weird stuff, like...


Seducing a tree.

Getting up close & personal with some Spirits.

Channeling a Deity.

That kind of thing. 

You know, your average Tuesday.

I believe that the world needs more people who are not afraid of letting their freak flags fly.


So I'm reclaiming the words:



After all, they originally meant unique and supernatural (wyrd) ways of being.


Shout out to all my fellow witches, queers, and shapeshifters! 

Can you feel it?


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I also believe that what's sometimes called paranormal is just part of normal, albeit expanded, consciousness.

Here's the deal: Your weird matters!


But right now you feel left out, small, sometimes invisible. 

Like everyone else is living full-tilt into themselves, and you're on the sidelines, watching the parade pass by. 


You know that words like normal and typical don't apply to you, and you're fine with that. But you've also spent so much time feeling like an outcast, that you're just not sure how to engage with kindred Spirits when you encounter them. 


Maybe you suffer from social anxiety or awkwardness as a result.

The secret is...


Learning how to stand in your fabulous, freakish Self upheld by your EXTRAORDINARY gifts and talents and aided by your Otherwordly allies. Fearless. Focused. Fan-effing-tastic!


When your ECCENTRICITIES become your SUPERPOWERS, you feel aligned, on purpose, and are celebrated for your unique contribution and perspective.

I can help you fully embrace your peculiar, Otherwordly Self, so you can lay claim to the full mystery and glory of being a Supranormal Being. 

For that is what you are.


You are so far beyond normal, darling.

You are SUPRAnormal!

Let's get weird together!
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