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Temple Offerings


The Tower: 

Epiphanies, transcendental states of consciousness, and Kundalini experiences 

The Three Towers of Transformation


The Hebrew meaning of Magdalen (Magdal-eder) can be translated as "Tower of the Flock," (see Margaret Starbird). At Temple Magdalen we work with the tarot archetype of the Tower, a symbol of powerful illuminating transformation, for personal, relational and planetary change. Temple Magdalen offers three levels of transformational teachings, healings and activations - each building upon the other.


The First Tower - Personal Transformation

The First Tower focuses on individual practices through individual sessions that help to unlock the magnificence that is known as the Christos-Magdalen, or Christ Consciousness, that is innate within you. Through skillful instruction, healing and personal cultivation work, you will develop the ability to step more fully into your awakened power as a conscious creator in alignment with your highest self. This tower focuses on teaching skills for personal transformation, drawing from the inner alchemical teachings of Kabbalah, Taoist Healing Love and Tantra. This tower also prepares you for the work of Divine Union in the Second Tower, helping you to attract a sacred relationship or helping you to include more conscious co-creation in your current relationship. No other intimate services are offered or implied. 

The Second Tower - Relationship Transformation

The Second Tower focuses on helping to transform your relationship with your beloved(s), be they life-partner, friend, family member or other important relationship. This process is designed to invoke the Divine Union co-creative archetype, calling forth the God-Goddess or Christos-Magdalen energies, for personal and relational co-creation. Work is done in couples sessions as well as continued individual cultivation based on the Alchemical process. This tower deepens the practices of sacred alchemy and begins external cultivation with a partner drawing from the traditions of Deity Yoga, Taoist Healing Love and the Alchemical union of the Sun and the Moon.  No other intimate services are offered or implied. 

The Third Tower - Community Transformation

The Third and final Tower empowers you to step into service as a conscious co-creator in your community. This is the tower of transforming your work in the world, by stepping in to your role as a carrier of the Christos-Magdalen consciousness into all that you do in the world. This may involve training as a Priest/Priestess of the Temple Magdalen, or more fully holding the vision for a new earth community through your current work in the world. In the Third Tower we seek to serve others as the "Beloved Transformer" in all that we do. During the Third Tower you will be trained in how to share this work through activating others and offering your own unique gifts more fully in the world.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, for a personal consultation or for more information about our upcoming introductory sessions.

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