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Chi Nei Tsang, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Swedish and Zen Shiatsu Massage

I offer bodywork in conjunction with other modalities to bring awareness and focus to where your physical body is holding energy, emotions, thoughts and habits. My holistic approach is based upon the belief that there is no separation between body, mind, spirit and emotions. They are all different aspects of how our current state of being is reflected in our life. Therefore, in a session we may access that energy from a variety of techniques, through healing touch, massage, emotional processing, intuitive guidance, etc. Together we will work to release and relax any holding patterns and bring more fluidity into your system.


Energy Healing
Reiki, DNA Activation, Sound and Aura Healing

Energy healing works deeply with the body's energy centers (chakras, meridians) for healing and inner growth. Energy Healing addresses the subtle energy body (aura/electromagnetic field) that governs the physical body. Working directly with the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual dimensions of this energy body, blocked and distorted energy patterns are invited to release, enabling the innate intelligence to operate freely, restoring physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. Truly a mind-body-spirit-emotions discipline, Energy Healing accelerates personal growth.

Intuitive Guidance
Hypnotherapy, Psychic Readings, Guided Visualization Journeys

Intuitive guidance is a way of accessing the perceived and received information that extends beyond the five senses, transcending what is considered ordinary thinking patterns and reasoning processes. I use my intuitive skills to help you explore ways in which you can heal, grow and transform your life. Hypnotherapy, also known as visualization or guided imagery, is an intuitive modality which helps you relax by using imagination and thoughts to improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Through dialoging with an Intuitive Guide you can get in touch with imagery, symbols, and deep feelings that can help stimulate the body's immune system, gain mental clarity, and improve overall psycho-spiritual and physical wellbeing. As a psychic I follow the path of personal empowerment, which means the information I give will always uphold and champion the sovereignty of my clients and seek to support them in healing themselves.

Spiritual Counseling
Life Coaching, Ecospiritual Counsel, Ritual

Spiritual Counseling begins with the premise that clients are creative, resourceful and whole individuals, who are seeking to expand their understanding and expression of their unique gifts and purpose by connecting more deeply with their spirtual self. Focus is given to your personal growth and empowerment. We work with your general desire to create a fuller and richer life, to identify your unique gifts, and use them to fulfill your life purpose. The style of counseling that I practice is based on the belief that developing the capacity to act from love rather than fear is central to personal development. I offer Ritual development for honoring life transitions, or initiating transformation, as well as Ecospiritual couseling to help you rewild yourself within the natural world. I also offer Intimacy Counseling* to help you cultivate and focus your personal vitality and creative energy to gain greater access to your innate potential as the architect of your life. *No intimate or GFE services are offered or implied.

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