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Our Mission



Temple Magdalen is dedicated to re-membering the ancient lineage of Magdalens now awakening on the planet. All priestesses/priests, devotees and supplicants to the Red Goddess are welcome. 

What is a Magdalen?

We at Temple Magdalen* honor the resurrection of the Divine Feminine by celebrating the divinity and personhood of Mary Magdalen, beloved and equal to Jesus, the Christ. A Christed One in her own right, the Magdalen has re-emerged in the 21st century to point the way to divine union and conscious relationship, as was modeled in her divine consort relationship with Jesus. She is an embodiment of the divine feminine, made manifest in human form.

To become a Mary Magdalen is to acknowledge the root of this name, a sacred descriptive title. Mary, which means "the beloved one," Magdalen (Magdal-eder), which means "tower of the flock," origin of the tower card in the tarot, a symbol for powerful activation and transformation. To be a Mary Magdalen is to be a powerful agent of change for yourself, your beloved(s) and your community.

At Temple Magdalen we devote ourselves to the alchemical practice of embodying our divine nature in service to the awakening, Christed energy in all beings. Drawing from sources both ancient and modern, we practice the technologies that support us in becoming more fully aligned with our highest selves, so that we may serve the planet through transformation of our selves, our relationships and our community.

We draw from traditions steeped in esoteric lineages including Esoteric Christianity, Tantra, Deity Yoga, Kabbalah, Taoist Healing Love practices, and Alchemy. We seek to ground our intuitive visions and reclaimed memories in the ancient practices that have stood the test of time.  

Perhaps you are an awakening Magdalen who feels the call of her holy spirit.
Perhaps you are a supplicant seeking to worship the goddess more deeply.
Perhaps you aren't yet sure why you're here, but nonetheless you feel her call.

All are welcome at the Temple gates. Enter in.


* Our temple name is drawn from the historical fiction of Elizabeth Cunningham's The Passion of Mary Magdalen, and it is with deep gratitude that we use this name.

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