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I help you see the magnificence of who you truly are, and live each day empowered by this knowledge. I work to help you incorporate your life lessons, the parts of you that have come into this life to be healed, so that you can fully express your essence. My purpose is to help you find this in yourself. To help you learn ways to bring healing into your life, so that you can manifest your most radiant self.

I work as a catalyst, holding the highest vibration possible, so that you can release and transform your body-mind-emotions and unleash your greatest potential. I believe that the mind, when focused on a clear intention, can transform your life. And when your mind is guided by the divine blueprint of your soul and integrated with the innate healing energy of your body, it can bring about the evolution of your being and the healing of our planet.

Sessions for individuals or couples can include a variety of healing modalities like energy healing, intuitive guidance, bodywork, hypnotherapy, spiritual counseling and coaching. I tailor my sessions to address the full spectrum of your person--body, mind, emotions, and spirit.

I would love to support you on your healing journey!



Chi Nei Tsang, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Swedish and Zen Shiatsu Massage

Energy Healing

Reiki, DNA Activation, Aura and Sound Healing

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