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What My Clients Are Saying...

"...there seemed to be blocks inside of me that were having trouble budging...As a result of working with Megan I love myself...I've learned to forgive myself...I am no longer fearful..."

"I had a skin condition that had plagued me for 28 years; I had given up trying to seek cures...I was also suffering from debilitating anxiety attacks.After working with Megan I often find myself in an unbelievable state of calm and contentment and to my absolute amazement, clear skin..."

"I had a lot of fear around trusting...I was paralysed with fear...Megan helped me work through all the reasons in my head that told me "you can't do this"... Now I'm not held back, instead I'm walkin' fearlessly forward...I'm excited about exploring my new found freedom..."

"After my dad died, I knew I was holding a lot in my body and subconscious mind and I wanted a way to deal with it healthily... Megan helped me process some big life changes...I now am more self aware and willing to give myself patience and time...The work I did with Megan helped me get clear..."

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