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Schedule a Free Activating Entheosis Consultation with Dr. Megan Rose

In this private 30 minute consult, I look at 3 main areas:


1. What your challenges are when it comes to having paranormal/extraordinary experiences and connecting to your Divine Self.

2. What your life would be like without those challenges.

3. What are my best recommendations to help you shift from a place of fear, isolation, overwhelm, or confusion and into feeling validated and grounded in your extraordinary gifts and experiences.


These recommendations have worked for many of my clients and I know that you’ll get a ton of value from our short time together. Sometimes just being seen and validated by someone who has gone down the road ahead of you is all it takes!


We’ll also take few minutes to explore whether we would be a good fit to continue to work together. No pressure, no strings attached—just a great conversation with someone who listens deeply, sees your magnificence, and believes that you can transform confusion, isolation, and overwhelm into extraordinary spiritual gifts.


Please indicate if there is a specific topic you'd like to explore in our session. For example, Spirit Marriage, Normalizing the Paranormal, Exploring Your Extraordinary Ancestors, or Activating Entheosis.


Consults conducted via

Domestic (US): Phone

International: WhatsApp or Skype voice

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